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Our Roots

It started when our great-grandparents built a farmhouse on a fe- hundred-acre hillside plot in Brownington, Vermont in the early 1900s. Of course, organic farming wasn't the catch phrase then that it is now: it was just a way of life. And, with five children (including our grandmother, who was born in May of 1937) and a herd of dairy cows to tend to, it was a busy household and an idyllic, sustainable way of life.

Fast-forward four generations to two sisters who were raised on a small 40-acre homestead that was part of that originsl hillside property, and you would find a few beef cows, a couple of horses, two handfuls of chickens, and some pigs. And, though their great-grandparent's farmland had long been split up and sold off into lots over the years, the girls spent their summers haying those same NEK Vermont pastoral fields to help sustain their friends, family, and neighbors. In doing so, they felt happy and warm and connected to the land.



Then, as children do, they grew up.

Both went off to college and began

their own lives, one achieving a

Masters in Technology and the

other receiving a degree in

Environmental Science.


Sometime later, a pivotal moment

arose between them when a large

section of the original hillside family

farmland and its farmhouse came up

for sale. 



Then, after much discussion among the sisters and their family, the farm and land was purchased and re-introduced to the family line. One sister started living on the property almost immediately and soon gave birth to a son, a 5th-generation child born on that hillside of family land! Taking his first steps only feet from where their grandmother had over 80 years before, the boy helped to inspire a dream to restore the historic hillside farmland.

Today, the sisters' dream of farming had come to fruition in the form of Vermont organic CBD hemp, and they are delighted to share it with you.  Their love for Vermont, the NEK, and their hillside Vermont farmland remain intertwined with their memories of childhood and help to drive the company's identity and what they do.


Today, we honor our ancestors by using simple organic farming techniques and Real Organic CBD hemp farming principles. We also promise to bring to you the purest, most natural CBD seeds and oils possible, from our multi-generational NEK Vermont family to yours.


Buy CBD oil or our organic hemp seeds on our online store, or browse CBD facts to find dosing suggests, parse pictures, read our blog, and more.


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