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CBD Facts

All You Need to Know About Vermont CBD

Is CBD Oil Legal?


Is CBD oil legal? Well, it is complicated... and controversial. The short answer is yes. Thanks to the US National Farm Bill, which was signed into law in Dec. 2018, CBD hemp is now legal to grow in the US. However, maijuana (THC) remains on the DEA's Scheule 1 narcotics list. As CBD plants and THC plants look more or less identical, this can create some confusion.


Plus, the government has left the matter largely in the hands of state regulation, which still varies greatly. In Vermont and 10 other states, CBD and its edgier cousin, THC, are recreationally and medically legal. It is also legal to sell CBD products in Vermont (more on this in a bit). Moreover, cannabis law in The Green Mountain State even allows a single dwelling to have four immature THC-producing plants and two mature ones at one time for recreational use only.


However, 36 states allow CBD and THC only medically (meaning you need a doctor's prescription to get it), and three states - Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota - do not allow CBD or THC in any form. California allows both forms of cannabis but prohibits the sale of CBD-infused products.


Is CBD Oil legal in Vermont?

Yes. Even before the 2018 Farm Bill passed, Vermont allowed the cultivation, sale, and consumption of CBD oil and products.


What is Real Organic Farming?


Real Organic farming practices follow the Real Organic Project Standards, and the idea is quite simple. We embrace centuries-old organic farming practices along with new scientific knowledge of ecological farming. Thus, we grow all of our crops in soil (another key concept) because, after all, healthy soil means healthy crops, and healthy crops means a healthy environment and healthy people. The result, for us, is a full-spectrum Vermont organic certified CBD plant from which we extract our oil.


What is CBD Oil and What does "Full-Spectrum" Mean?

NEK ROOTS CBD oil is extracted from certified Vermont organic CBD hemp (that we grow on our own NEK Vermont fields). We extract these plant oils using an ethanol extraction method,

What is CBD oil? Full-spectrum CBD oil is minimally processed and, thereby, available in the plant's rawest consumable form, containing a "full spectrum" of cannibinoids and terpenes (as opposed to isolated oil, which contains only the chemical compound CBD). Full-spectrum products contain elements of the plant that are said to naturally work together to create an "entourage effect" of healing in the human body, healing it as nature intended. We take it one step further as our NEK ROOTS CBD oil is made from Vermont certified organic CBD plants, and we recommend taking a couple of drops per day from one of our our 30ml bottles of CBD oil.

What Type of Extraction Methods do You use?

Does NEK ROOTS Test the CBD Content of Its Products?

We send our finished CBD oil to a third party lab to be tested, and, once the concentration and quality have been confirmed, we then fill our bottles by hand in small batches. We never use CO2 or harsh chemicals for extraction, so they will never end up in your bottle. And you can buy our CBD oil online today!

What is NEK Vermont?

NEK Vermont stands for Northeast Kingdom, and it roughly refers to the northeastern section of the state, boxed in between the Connecticut River, the Green Mountains, and Canada. 



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