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BaOx comes to NEK Roots

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Originally bred in Colorado, BaOx is the result of Hindu Kush and Otto II primogenitors. Prized for its early harvest and uniform size, BaOx is a high-yield varietal known for uniform growth, and high-CBD resin.

At NEK ROOTS, we grow BaOx organically and sustainably on our 100-acre farm in Brownington, Vermont, and our plants have been commercially tested for content and strength. BaOx is ideal for northern climates as it sets flowers early and yields in as little as 10 weeks. Plus, the strain is a good producer and high-CBD harvests can consistently be expected.

Our NEK Vermont farm is certified organic and these beauties are what go straight into our CBD oils and other full-spectrum products.

BaOx is Known for High- CBD Yields | Organic Hemp Seeds | NEK Roots
BaOx is Known for High- CBD Yields.

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