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What is the NEK?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

It is a little bit hard to describe the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont unless you've been there. Historically, the term was dubbed in 1949 by then Governor, George D. Aiken, and it refers to the Northeast Corner of Vermont, with borders marked by the Connecticut River to the East, St. Johnsbury to the South, Derby to the North, and Danville and Hardwick to the West.

But Kingdom roots go back much further, all the way back to when Vermont was a republic from 1777 to 1701, and the rough and tumble NEK landscape had always been known for its self-reliance, do-it-yourself attitude, and an agricultural and sustainable way of life. This "simple life" included hard winters, meager means, and happy families.

Today, you'll still find church service on Sundays, weekend potluck dinners, neighbors willing to lend a hand, hard work, summer haying, fishing, ice fishing, and hunting, lots of backroads, hearty suppers, and community bonfires at night.

Plus, the area is known for rural forest hikes, grand mountain views, calming pastoral fields, and hidden pristine lakes. And, though it may a little off the beaten track, the natural splendor of the NEK is part of what makes the area so special - that, and the people. #youcan'tgettherefromhere #NEKVermont #NEKRoots #NortheastKingdom

NEK Vermont In a Nutshell | Buy CBD oil | Organic Hemp Seeds | NEK Roots
NEK Vermont In a Nutshell

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