These VOF certified Vermont organic BaOx (CBD hemp) seeds are non-feminized and contain both male and female seeds, as nature intended for a healthy crop. Grown in NEK Vermont soil these hemp seeds are cold-hearty and produce a high-yeilding CBD hemp crop of uniform size and height.


BaOx is based on selections of Hindu-Kush and the Otto II parents. The line has been back-crossed and stabilized for high-CBD expression, fast flowering time, and a short, dense structure. 









BaOx CBD Organic Hemp Seeds

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  • BaOx (Hindu Kush x Otto II)


    BaOx is a high-CBD hemp variety originating from CO and bred in Vermont for its early harvest and high levels of CBD resin.


    BaOx is the result of breeding Hindu-Kush and Otto II plant lines, and the resulting seed has been back-crossed and stabilized for high-CBD expression, fast flowering time, and a short, dense, relatively uniform structure.



    Lab Tested to be 6-10% CBD | <0.3% THC.  


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